Publications and Exhibitions


  • Poem in Stína Art and Literature Journal.

  • Article in the book ‘Lichtfalle’ by Nana Petzet. The book is about light pollution and the allocation of artistic funding.


  • First issue of Murder Magazine published.

  • Begin MA in Visual and Media Anthropology at Freie Universitet Berlin.


Vessel (Reykjavík)

  • Exhibition in the temporary project space ‘The Travelling Embassy of Rockall’. Sound and video installation. Collaboration with Ylva Frick


Black Bile Test (Kofu, Japan)

  • Work sent for the exhibition ‘Thing’ in Yamanashi / Gallery AIRY in Japan. Exhibition held by Swedish artist Giulia Cairone.


Murder Magazine (Reykjavík)

  • Alternative art and poetry publication established in collaboration with the artist Síta Valrún.

Ofar mannlegum hvötum / Beyond Human Impulses

  • Performance in Mengi as part of the series "Beyond Human Impulses".


Fjöltengi (Reykjavík)

  • Performance and work in the exhibtion Fjöltengi in Ekkisens Listrými.


Rvk Rok City (Reykjavík)

  • Drawing installation in the window of Eymundsson bookstore in central Reykjavík.


nonni sig svoldið þreyttur / nonni sig a bit tried (Reykjavík)

  • Drawing installation in the graduation exhibition of the Art Academy of Iceland.


Tilraun II / Experiment II (Þórshöfn)

  • Exhibition in the salt shed in Þórshöfn in the north east of Iceland. Collaboration með Ylvu Frick.


Kynleikar (Reykjavík)

  • Work in the exhibition Gender Games, which happened in three parts, first in Ekkisens Listrými, then in Reykjavík City Hall and finally in Tjarnabíó Theatre.


Michel Boutor og Vinir (Reykjavík)

  • Bookwork and participation in the happening at the exhibition Michel Boutor og Vinir in the National Library of Iceland which was part of the Reykjavík Arts Festival in 2014.


Konur á ýstu nöf (Reykjavík)

  • Four poems published in the collection Women on the Edge, given out by Partus Press. Also included a reading in the Reykjavík City Library.


Soð (Seyðisfjörður)

  • Work in the exhibition Soð in the gallery Skaftfell in Seyðisfjörður.


Af Jörðinni / Of the Earth (Reykjavík)

  • Solo exhibition in Hótel Kaffistofan.



‘Afhjúpun’ Reading Series

  • Reading at Iða Bókakaffi as part of the ‘Afhjúpun’ reading series by Partus Press.


Þrígaldur Þursavænn (Reykjavík)

  • Took part in putting toghether the performance ‘Þrígaldur Þursavænn’ by Magnús Pálsson. The performance took place in the Reykjavík art gallery and was a part of the programme of the Reykjavík art festival in 2013.


Ljóð í Leiðinni (Reykjavík)

  • One poem ‘Sunday’ published in the poetry collection Ljóð í Leiðinni, given out by Partus Press.


Air is in the Words (Reykjavík)

  • Reading at Airwaves music festival with Valgerður Þóroddsdóttir.


Stofumyrkur (Reykjavík)

  • First solo poetry collection, Livingroom Darkness published by Partus Press.


Innrým/Solipsism (Reykjavík)

  • Work in the exhibition Innrým/Solipsism in the living art museum.



Something to Expiate (New Zealand)

  • Two poems published in “New Zealand Poetry Society” yearly anthology Something to Expiate.