Nonni sig svoldið þreyttur (en. nonni sig a bit tired) is documentation of a journey towards an initiation rite: the graduation exhibition at the Icelandic Academy of the Arts. In preparation for the exhibition Hallsteinsdottir closely examined the phenomenon of the annual graduation exhibition and came to the conclusion that it was more an initiation ritual, or ‘confirmation’ ceremony into the art world than a graduation as such. The Reykjavík Art Museum in this sense becomes a church and the examiner a priest, initiating students into the art world the way a religious figure might usher young people into the institution of the church. With that in mind the work nonni sig svoldið þreyttur was a way to work through the feelings which arose leading up to the exhibition and is, as such, a diary.


The subject matter this ‘diary’ deals with are as varied as in any diary but the issue of value; the value of money, art and time are particularly prominent in the work. The presence of the 500 kroner note as a backdrop is a constant connection to the idea of value. Here the artist is dealing with her own feelings on matters relevant both in the art world and as facts of life in general.  


Nonni sig svoldið þreyttur, as a diary, is exposure to the process of preparing for this ‘confirmation’ ceremony and all the thoughts and ideas which can plague one going through this process.

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