Tilraun I was a collaborative work made with the artist Ylva Frick for an exhibition in Ekkisens Listrými called ‘Fjöltengi’ (en. Multiplug). The exhibition was built around different permutations of the idea of spirituality.


The work ‘Tilraun I’ was the first in a series of collaborative experiments made by Bergrún and Ylva. In this case it was an experiment in communication using movement and sound, both between the artists themselves and the space they created. Over the course of several months they worked together to build a pattern of communication together based on movement and sound. Ylva, a drummer, would play in an ‘unconscious’ style, drumming freestyle on a series of unconventional and homemade drums, developed by the artists for the work. Bergrún, the dancer in this role, would also move ‘unconsciously’ or automatically around in the space. Both the artists were blindfolded for the work, in order to avoid the possibility that the drumming would be influenced by the movements of the dancer and vice versa.


In this sense the sound of the drumming functioned to create the space, and the movement of the dance was a response to this, thus a non-verbal conversation took place. The work required a surrender of control, as the dancer was unaware of the path the drumming would take and the drummer, blindfolded was unable to be influenced by the dancer, meaning that both participants relied on intuition and their instinctive reactions to guide them.

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