Tilraun II (en. Experiment II) took place in July 2015 and was a new chapter in the collaborative with Ylva Frick. 


In this case the work took the form of an exhibition in an old salting shed in the fishing village of Þórshöfn in North East Iceland. The shed is now being used as a storage space for a nearby fish processing plant and houses industrial equipment. The experiment in this instance was made purely with the space provided, and was again based on communication, though in this instance it was communication with the space. Through getting to know the shed and what it offered up, the artists worked to discover any loose threads of ‘conversation’ in the space, which then brought forth the art lying hidden there. As such, the idea was to uncover what may have already existed as art within the space. What was uncovered was a low relief sculpture in the floor caused by years of salt water running towards a drain in the building’s previous incarnation as a salting shed. The exhibition then consisted of this sculpture and a video of work process, connecting the labour of the artists to uncover the sculpture with the origins of the building as a place of physical labour.

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